How to Tell if You Have a Cavity

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There are several things that brushing and flossing are important keys to cavity prevention. You probably also know that you should schedule two appointments with Forsyth Dental Center every year where we will offer you a professional dental cleaning and oral exam.

Since you spend most of your time caring for your teeth outside the dental office, however, it’s helpful to be able to pick up on any signs that you may have a cavity. One of the most common signs is a toothache. This includes a dull ache, a stinging pain, or sensitivity when you chew or bite down.

When cavities become serious, you will even see, black or brown spots or holes in your teeth. These signs are typically not visible because they are either too small for the naked eye or are hidden in a part of the tooth that you simply cannot see when you look in the mirror. Cavities more often occur on the back teeth, as these are the teeth that have the most long term contact with your food and because they are harder to clean adequately than the front teeth.

Scheduling regular oral exams with our dental team will enable us to catch cavities in their infancy in Forsyth, Georgia. If it’s time for a cleaning and exam, please contact Forsyth Dental Center at 478-994-0440 for an appointment with Dr. Clell M. Morris. We’re eager to hear from you!