Oral Health ABCs: Mouth Jewelry

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Are you considering a lip or tongue ring? Do you feel that the addition of mouth jewelry in your life is a necessity? Be aware if you were thinking about receiving a piece of mouth jewelry of the potential ailments and risks that come along with it. Listed below are various oral health risks that come along with mouth jewelry:

– Mouth jewelry can lead to lacerations within your lips, tongue, or gums.
– Mouth jewelry can cause permanent nerve damage due to tongue rings being placed improperly.
– Mouth jewelry can lead to serious infections including endocarditis and hepatitis.
– Mouth jewelry can cause potential cracks and chips in your teeth.
– Mouth jewelry can lead to choking hazards that arise from pieces breaking off and becoming lodged in your throat.
– Mouth jewelry can cause serious facial malformations if large rings are ripped or torn from your mouth.
– Mouth jewelry can cause tooth enamel damage due to wear over time.

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