Oral Health Care Damage Control: Dental Bonding

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When assessing your oral health care, have you run across any damage or issues with teeth that you would like to have repaired? If you want to look into repairing minor surface problems with teeth, a dental bonding treatment can often be applied to each tooth. Dental bonding treatments are made of resin and porcelain to help match the natural look of your smile.

If you are suffering from minor chips or cracks in teeth, or if you notice issues with discolorations, dental bonding treatments are effective. In situations where tooth decay has left you with a cavity, a dental bonding treatment can be used to help repair decayed teeth. If you have spacing problems between teeth are you wish to elongate either change their shape, consider the use of a dental bonding treatment.

In situations where you have a dental filling in a tooth or require one, a highly effective option is a dental bond, as they are a cosmetic enhancement over a traditional amalgam and they will naturally blend to the color of your teeth. Furthermore, dental bonds are extremely durable and can even be used to protect any exposed portions of a tooth’s root if you are suffering from gum recession.

If you desire a dental bonding treatment, Dr. Clell M. Morris and our team at Forsyth Dental Center will provide you with the care you need. To book a visit at our dental office in Forsyth, Georgia, please contact us at 478-994-0440 .