Smiles are For More Than Picture Frames

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Though smiling is sometimes caused by outside sources that make you happy, you can also smile to become happy. It is scientifically proven that smiling releases chemicals in the brain that help you and the people around you feel a sense of pleasure. Indeed, smiling is a key to a happy attitude. So why is something as simple as a smile so powerful? There are a few reasons:

Neuropeptides: Smiling induces the brain to form chemicals called neuropeptides. They send messages to the body, telling it to calm down.

Smile Mimicry: Smiles really are contagious. There is actually a part of the brain that is devoted to copying other people’s smiles. When you smile, other people are prompted by their brain to smile. That means that with one smile, you can brighten the mood of an entire room.

Dopamine: When you smile, your brain releases dopamine, which actually creates a feeling of happiness within your mind.

Attraction: A smile makes you look better. You are viewed as relaxed, sincere, attractive, and reliable. When another person sees you smiling, they actually feel rewarded and trust you more.

Endorphins: This is another brain chemical that is released. It relieves pain and soreness.

Serotonin: This brain chemical is an antidepressant and an immediate mood lifter that circulates in your brain when you smile.

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