To Denture Wearers: Add a Tongue Scraper to Your Daily Hygiene Toolkit

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The tongue has a lot of contours and ridges on its surface on which plaque and bacteria can live. This is why it’s important for people with dentures to clean their tongue thoroughly to remove this plaque and also avoid having bad breath.

After you brush your dentures, be sure to go over the tongue in small circle motions with your brush while using a non-abrasive toothpaste. In addition to the top of the tongue, make sure to go over the sides as well with the brush. Doing this will clear away hiding bacteria and freshen your mouth.

Some denture wearers also make use of a tongue scraper. A tongue scraper has a small handle with an edge on the end of it that allows you to clean off the tongue. The scraper is moved back and forth over the tongue, making sure not to overlap on too many sweeps. Rinse the blade of the scraper off if you notice a buildup of material on it before using it again.

Using an antiseptic mouthwash at the end of your routine will help you get rid of any bacteria or plaque you may have missed and also give you minty fresh breath. Any bacteria left over can begin to form plaque and also cause bad breath.

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