What to Expect from Denture Appointments

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Getting false teeth is a big change. A number of people who get dentures are coming to the dentist for the first times in their lives, and the upkeep required for upholding strong false teeth is beyond the regular dental health habits of the average wearers. At Forsyth Dental Center, we’re here to assist you. We hope this post about the denture-applying service helps you if you are needing dentures or other restorative dentistry services.

When you visit our office for an appointment about dentures, Dr. Clell M. Morris will do a couple of things to ensure your peace of mind. First they will inspect your chompers. If you are missing a few teeth or if your remaining chompers are in very poor shape, Dr. Clell M. Morris may suggest you think about false teeth as an option. (Depending on the number of teeth you’re missing, Dr. Clell M. Morris will suggest either partial or complete false teeth.) If dentures are the choice you want to go with, we will extricate the remaining unhealthy teeth, form an impression of your mouth to mold the dentures from and adapt the dentures to fit your oral cavity in a follow-up visit.

At Forsyth Dental Center, Dr. Clell M. Morris and their Forsyth, Georgia, staff are eager to support you, so make a date for your next appointment by calling 478-994-0440 now.